2014 New IFBB CO Champions!

Congrats to our new IFBB Pros from Colorado!!

npcWelcome to the Rocky Mountain NPC.

The N.P.C. is the NATIONAL PHYSIQUE COMMITTEE-the largest and most prestigious amateur bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini
& physique organization in the USA.  It is also the only avenue to the IFBB-The ultimate in Professional bodybuilding, fitness, figure & bikini competitions.
Colorado is home to 40 IFBB Pros! 

The N.P.C. competitions in Colorado feature categories for
every experience level.
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2015 EVENTS:
March 21, 2015
The Nutrition Company

Infinity Park Ballroom,
Denver, CO
April 11, 2015
Golden, CO
Branch Warren Guest Posing!
May 16, 2015
The Southern CO/Armed Forces
Colorado Springs, CO
May 30, 2015
The NPC Max Muscle MILE HIGH
& IFBB Armbrust Pro Gym
Golden, CO
July 11, 2015
The Tokyo Joes COLORADO
Buell Theater, Denver, CO
August 28,29
The Armburst Pro Gym
Loveland, CO
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Congratulations to Colorado's
Phil Heath- 4X Mr. Olympia!

Congratulations to 2012 Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath!
It all started at the 2003 NPC Northern Colorado Championships-
lift studios

             CO Governor's Council for Physical Fitness
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1.26.13  The NPC Nutrition Company DENVER OPEN has lots of new classes for 2013.  Check it out here-

Congratulations to new IFBB Fitness Pro, Eileen Thomas!  Eileen won her class and earned her pro card a the North American Championships, Pittsburgh, PA over Labor Day. Top 10 finishes: Bikini: Jamie Ferguson-7th, LeeAnn Johnson-6th Masters, Figure: Karen Noorlun-9th, Julie Andrews-9th, Karen Noorlun-4th Masters, Karen Papajohn-8th Masters, WP: Ariel Humphrey-7th, Lynnie Brooks-3rd. Click for Results.

A new record for the most number of CO competitors at a national show last weekend at the NPC USA: 40!  Great job CO!!  And great job to our NEW IFBB PROS Laura Gutilla(WP), Karl Bierman(MP), and Sandi Forsythe(BIK)!!   Here are the top 10 placings: BIKINI-Shannon Martinez 3rd, Sandi Forsythe 2nd, Amy Brim 5th, FIGURE- Stephanie Spencer 3rd, Lauren Williams 9th, WP- Evie Ray 9th, Laura Gutilla 2nd, Brandi Richards 7th, Lynnie Brooks 9th, WBB- Kerri Arnone 3rd, MP- Ernest Flowers 7th, Chris Williamson 10th, Louay Bachir 3rd, Ryan Hediger 7th,  Derek Trombetta 10th, Karl Biermann 1st, MBB- Tom Arnone 10th.  Way to represent CO!! Click for results and pics.

Congratulations to all of our Colorado competitors at the NPC Masters Nationals held July 21, 2012, and a special congratulations to our 5 NEW IFBB PROS: Nancy Bowlin(FIG), Greg Romero(MP), Krista Dunn(FIG), Chris Kramer(WP) and Paula Francis(BB)!!!
Here is the list of top 10 placings: FIGURE-Cathy Jackson 7th and 10th, Nancy Bowlin 1st, Karen Noorlun 2nd, Krista Dunn 2st and 4th, Renee Paul 5th and 8th, MEN'S PHYSIQUE- Ernest Flowers 4th, Chris Williamson 6th, Greg Romero 1st, WOMEN'S PHYSIQUE-Rose Brunner 5th and 6th, Chris Kramer 1st, BODYBUILDING-Rodney Garcia 10th, Jerry Murray 4th, Ken Baldwin 9th, Keith Fells 1st, Pete Pitrone 6th, Paula Francis 1st and 2nd, Kim McMurren 1st.  Check out results and pics!

Another IFBB Pro from Colorado: Lauren Lessnau won the Overall WP at the NPC Jr.Nationals in Chicago June 16th and earned her IFBB Pro Card. Congratulations!  A record 37 CO competitors took a record number of top 5 placings.  Good job CO athletes!  Here are top 10 results: Katie Elkins-3rd Bikini D, Kate Fishler-6th Bikini E, Rene Brosch-10th Figure A, Nicole Logan-9th Figure B, Krista Dunn-5th Figure E, Matheo Perez-10th MP B, Tom Little-7th MP D, Evie Rae-3rd WP A, Shannon Roskam-2nd WP B, Brandi Richards-2nd WP C, Tracy Klaess-6th WP C, Lynnie Brooks-5th WP D,
Kerri Arnone-1st Women's BB Ltwt., Rasheed Oldacre-2nd BB Supers, George Patterson III- 8th BB Hvywt, Sylvester Cain-2nd BB Lthvywt, Tom Arnone-4th BB Middlewt, Tim Ward-2nd BB Welterwt, Aaron Martinez-9th BB Ltwt.  Complete results and pic links here.

Congratulations to our new IFBB Pros from Colorado!  Jacklyn Sutton Abrams won Overall Fitness and Guy Marquardt won Overall Men's Physique and earned their pro cards at the 2012 NPC Jr.USA!   Other top 10 results: Samantha Hadford- 6th Figure B, Karl Biermann-8th Men's Physique C, Lauren Lessnau-4th, Evie Ray-9th Women's Physique A, Tracy Klaess-Women's Physique B, BJ Brown-10th Men's BB Supers.  Click Here for pics and complete results!

Congratulations to Sara Hurrle for winning the IFBB St.Louis Pro Women's Physique title!  Sara is the 2010 NPC Mile High Figure Overall winner.

Congratulations to Colorado IFBB Pros, Camala Rodriguez--2nd place Ms.International Fitness, and Alina Pope--3rd place Ms.International Women's Bodybuilding! Congratulations to Amateur Arnold Figure Masters Medium class winner, Tiffany Karnig--the 2011 Overall NPC Rocky Champ!

Entry for NPC Axis Labs Northern Colorado Championships uploaded.

Print out the 2012 CO NPC Newsletter for the latest info, pics and calendar.

Any vendors or sponsors, please contact NPC Colorado Chairman, 
Jeff Taylor, if you have interest in sponsoring 2012 events.

Happy New Year! The 2012 NPC card application is posted, the first show of the year is the NPC DENVER Novice & Masters Championships and EXPO and 2012 looks like an great year. The first local Women's Physique competition will be Sun., March 18th at the NPC Denver!  (Check out the NPC Denver link above for details about the local WP rules.)

Please note the changes to the 2012 NPC Colorado Calendar: The NPC Max Muscle Mile High is moving a week earlier to June 2nd to allow any CO competitors to enter the Omaha Pro show on the 9th, and the NPC MetRx ROCKY is moved a week earlier to Nov. 3rd as NPC Nationals has moved to the 9th/10th date.  Please update in your calendars. Have a Happy New Year!

Congratulations to our NPC CO competitors who became IFBB Pros in 2011:  Heather Grace, Alex Carneiro, Marilena Echohawk, Luis Santa, Stacey Barta, Crystal Matthews, Tracy Bodner and Yolanda Alvarado!!  It was a great 2011 for CO competitors!

Congratulations to all of the competitors onstage last weekend at the NPC MET-Rx ROCKY!  Results Here-

Here is the summer update of top ten CO NPC winners at NPC National events: 
North American, Sept. 2011:(Click here for pics-)
BIKINI-Crystal Mathews Overall Winner and new IFBB Pro!  Shannon Martinez-2nd C, Erica Cobb
-7th C,
FIGURE- Yolanda Alvarado-1st A, Jane Anderson-3rd C and 2nd in 35+ C, Nancy Bowlin-4th C and 7th 35+, Lana Hofman-7th E and 5th 35+, Priscilla Shaw-5th 35+ C,
FITNESS- Taryn Bagrosky-2nd B,
WOMEN'S PHYSIQUE: Tracy Bodner -1st A and new IFBB Pro! Nola Trimble-2nd B and new IFBB Pro!
MEN'S PHYSIQUE- Earnest Flowers-6th A, Ryan Fasano-8th B, Karl Bierman-3rd C,
MEN'S BODYBUILDING- Daniel Rocha(NM)-3rd welter, Troy Raper-8th 40+ welter,

USA, July 2011:
(Click here for pics)
BIKINI- Amy Rose-2nd C, Lindsey Nicole-7th D, Christina Hefner-2nd E, Katia Terletskaya-6th E,
FIGURE- Irina Kiselev-3rd B, Melissa Thalhammer-2nd E, Noora Kuusivuori-10th F,
WOMEN'S PHYSIQUE- Tracy Bodner-4th A, Nola Trimble-4th B,
MEN'S PHYSIQUE- Tom Little-5th C,
MEN'S BODYBUILDING- Luis Santa-1st Welter and new IFBB Pro!

Team Universe, July 2011: (Click here for pics)
BIKINI- Katherine Portillo-7th C, Li ndsey Nicole-7th D,
FIGURE- Stacey Barta-2nd E and new IFBB Pro! Renee Paul-3rd 45+,
WOMEN'S PHYSIQUE- Marilena Echohawk-1st B and new IFBB Pro!
MEN'S PHYSIQUE- Ryan Fasano-9th A,
MEN'S BODYBUILDING- George Patterson-3rd LtHeavy,

Jr.Nationals, June 2011: (Click here for pics)
BIKINI- Katherine Isgar-9th A, Tara Santosuosso-7th B, Erica Cobb-10th C, Christine Hefner-4th E, Katie Carniero-8th F
FIGURE- Stephanie Spencer-6th C, Stacey Barta-6th D, Lana Hofman-7th F
WOMEN'S PHYSIQUE- Kimberlin LaMountain-8th A, Nola Trimble-2nd B,
MEN'S PHYSIQUE- Alex Carneiro-1st A and new IFBB Pro!  Jesse Lehman-4th A,  Tom Little-4th B,
MEN'S BODYBUILDING- Santino Pusedu-8th LtHeavy, Tim Ward-2nd Welter, Jeremy Goldstein-4th Ltwt,

Congratulations to all of the NPC Masters Nationals competitors from CO!  (Click here for pics) 
Over 40+ Super Heavy Moe Meskienyau - 9th, Over 40+ Heavy weight Dylan Armbrust - 10th, Over 35+ Light Heavy Weight AND Over 45+Light Heavy Weight Paula Francis - 5th AND 6th, Figure 35+ A Class Erin Rogers - 8th, Figure 35+ C Class, Priscilla Shaw - 4th,
Figure 35+ E Class Bridgette Moody - 10th, Figure 35+ F Class
Christ Kramer - 9th. Debbie Grace - 2nd Fitness,  Thanks for the help, Priscilla! 

Congratulations to all who participated in the NPC Tokyo Joes CO State Championships last weekend!  And thank you everyone who supported our athletes along the way to the most prestigious title Colorado.  Click Here for COMPLETE RESULTS.

Click Here to download NPC Tokyo Joes flyer and post at gym, work or school.

Don't miss the NPC Steel City in Pueblo June 25th.  Click Here for info-

Congratulations to our first IFBB pro of 2011: Heather Grace! Heather earned her pro card at the NPC Jr.USA in May. Click Here for pics-

Congrats to all of our CO top 10 finishers! Bikini: Crystal Matthews-2nd, Jennifer Childs-9th,  Figure:  Heather Grace-1st, Krista Dunn-3rd, Chiquita Green-8th, Fitness: Eileen Thomas-2nd, Women's Physique: Nola Trimble-3rd, Men's Physique: Alex Carniero-3rd, Bodybuilding: BJ Brown-10th

Congratulations to all of the competitors in last weekend's NPC Max Muscle Mile High Championships!  Click Here for Results-

Click Here for the NPC Tokyo Joes CO State Championships entry info and entry form.  "Who Will Wear the 6 NPC CO State Champion 10k Gold Rings?"

Congratulations to all of the competitors in the NPC GNC Southern CO/Armed Forces Championships!  Click Here for Results-

Andy Haman will be guest posing at the NPC Max Muscle Mile High Championships June 4th!  (Click for pic)

Tickets are on sale for the NPC MAX MUSCLE Mile High.  Click Here.

Click Here for the NPC MAX MUSCLE Mile High Entry-

NPC Trainer and Competitor Derek Trombetta wins the KJCT Channel 8 Red Cross Hero Award.  Congratulations!  Click Here for more.

Click Here for NPC GNC Southern CO/Armed Forces tickets!

Congratulations to all of the NPC ManSports Northern CO Championships competitors!  Click Here for Results-

Click Here to see Andy Haman's May 2011 IRONMAN Magazine Cover. Congratlutions, Andy!

NPC MidUSA is going to be in Albuquerque, NM, August 13 at the Expo New Mexico.  PHIL HEATH is guest posing!!

Click Here to download the 2011 NPC Calendar and post in your gym, work, school or on your refrigerator with a magnet!
Click Here to download the 2011 NPC Card Application.  Send in early so you will be ready for the season and receive your NPC News Magazines for the whole year.

It is a sad day for CO NPC.  We lost one of our finest today-Lester Martin Jr.  Rest in Peace.  He will be missed by so many here.  Any who would like to post what you loved about Lester on the CO NPC Facebook group page, please do so.  Click Here.

Click Here for NPC Rocky Results. Congratulations to all who participated, all of our new ROCKY Winners, trainers and all who supported these awesome athletes!

This is it--the last NPC show of 2011 in CO, the NPC ROCKY!  Click here to see the latest newsletter about the show, Phil Heath's Welcome Home party after, and NPC athletes in the run for MHSM cover of the Snow Angels issue!

Great job in Atlanta at NPC Nationals last weekend, CO competitors! 2 new IFBB Pros!!   Abbie Burrows took 1st in Figure F to earn her pro card!  Marina Lopez won the Ltwt. Bodybuilding class and is a new pro- way to go!!  Other top 10 CO placings: Bodybuilding-Nefertitti Kiel 7th, Luis Santa 8th, Figure-Stephanie Spencer 6th, Bikini-Christine Hefner 6th, Crystal Matthews 7th.

Check out NPC CO competitor's MD interview HERE.

Host Hotel for the Nov. 13th NPC ROCKY is the
Holiday Inn/Denver Central at I70 and I25-only 5 min. from venue.  Only $69/night.  Call 303.292.9500 and ask for the "NPC ROCKY" room rate to make your reservations.

Sat. Oct. 2nd, 2-4 pm is the NPC/IFBB informational seminar at American Pro Gym. Hope to see everyone there!

Congratulations to CO IFBB Pros Phil Heath-2nd at the Mr. Olympia, (Phil won the NPC CO in '04), Heather Mae French-3rd at the Ms. O Figure, (Heather took 1st at the '05 NPC ROCKY), and Camala Rodriguez-10th at the Ms. O Fitness, (NPC N.CO winner in '08). Colorado was well represented!

Congrats to our CO competitors who competed in the IFBB/NPC North American Championships over Labor Day.  Hats off to Rachel Patton-2nd Fitness A, Laura Richards-6th Fitness A, Troy Durbin-2nd  Masters 40+ Ltwt, and 3rd Open Ltwt, and Michael Alexander-2nd Masters 40+ Superhvwt!

Click Here for the NPC Hard Nutrition Natural CO Open entry!  Click Here for the NPC MetRX ROCKY!

Congratulations to our CO competitors at the NPC Jr.USA in Houston last Sat.  Here are the top 10 results: Bikini- Crystal Mathews 2nd, Hillary Jones 6th.  Congrats also to NM competitor Rose Ronquillo who has competed in several CO shows who won Figure C class, and NE competitor, Jeff McCray, test judge in CO, who finished 4th in LtHeavies.

Congrats to all of the NPC Warrior Classic athletes who competed last Sat.  You may never see a front page pic and story of bodybuilders on the Denver Post again, so Click Here for the article and pics!
Click Here for Results-

Congratulations to all of our CO athletes who competed in the USA in Las Vegas the last weekend of July. Here are the top 10's:
2009 NPC ROCKY overall winner, Luis Santa, won the Welterwt. class at the 2010 USA! 
  2009 NPC Cyto Charge Colorado State Overall Women's Bodybuilding Champ, Marina Lopez, took 2nd place in the Lightwt. class and Holly Geerson-3rd in Heavies. FIGURE-Heather Grace 4th, Laura Santos -5th,
Irina Kiselev-4th, and BIKINI-Christinea Hefner-5th!

Congrats to NPC Masters Nationals competitor from CO who placed!  Here is the the list: William Reese 5th-LtHvy  50+, Jerry Murray 4th-Super Hvy 40+, Lori Murray 5th-Ltwt 35+, Chris Kramer 2nd-Figure 35+ and Priscilla Shaw 5th-Figure 35+!

NPC 2009 CO State bodybuilding champ and overall winner of the 2010 NPC Jr.Nationals, Marina Lopez, has an article & 9 pics on Good luck at the USA this weekend!  Click Here to check it out-

NPC CO State Champ, Frank Castillega gets an article in the Sterling paper.  Good job, Frank!  Click here to read the article-

Congrats to all who worked so hard to make it to the NPC CO State stage last Saturday!  Click Here for Results-
Click Here for Pics-

Congratulations to our NPC Mile High Bikini Champ, Lindsey Morrison, who earned her IFBB Pro Card at the NPC Team Universe last weekend!

Entry posted for NPC MidUSA/NM State in Santa Fe, NM, Aug. 21st, Here.  Dennis James Guest posing.

Order your pics/dvd early for the July 17th NPC CO State and get 10% off!  Click Here for more-

Competition Diet Seminar at Armbrust Pro Gym Saturday, July 24th, presented by Skip.  Free with RSVP or $20 to drop in.  Click Here for details.

Check out the new MD training video clip of Rob Roppo, 2009 NPC CO State class winner and 2010 NPC Jr.Natls. LtHvy champ!  Click Here-

Congrats to new IFBB Pro Sara Hurrle!  Sara won her class at NPC Jr.Nationals last Sat., and earned her pro card! Congratulations also to Overall Women's Bodybuilding and Ltwt. class winner,(and 2009 CO Overall winner), Marina  Lopez!!  Rob Roppo WON the LtHeavy class,
Lindsey Morrison placed 2nd in her Bikini Class, Tara Green placed 5th in her Figure Class.  Click Here to see all RESULTS!

Results are up from the June 5th NPC Mile High.  Congrats to all competitors, trainers and fans!  Click Here for Results-

Tanji Johnson will be doing a Posing Clinic right after the NPC Mile High Figure/Fitness/Bikini Check-In at the Host Hotel Friday, June 4th!  She will also be holding a Save Fitness Clinic in Colorado Springs, Sunday, June 6th.  Click Here for info!

Pics and results posted Here from last weekend's NPC Southern CO/Armed Forces Championships.  Also see Rx Muscle results and pics- Click Here

NPC Bikini division update from Women's Athlete Representative and IFBB judge, Sandy Williamson.  Click Here.

Tickets are on sale for the May 22nd NPC Southern CO/Armed Forces Championships!   Click Here-


Microtel Suites in Colorado Springs is the Host Hotel for the May 22nd show.  Call 1800.964.8396-ask for "NPC Southern CO Championships Rate" of $76.30/night Regular room or $84/night for Suite.  Click Here for more info-

It was a big weekend for Colorado NPC and IFBB athletes!  IFBB Pro Camala Rodriguez won the Orlando Pro Fitness, Heather Grace won the NPC Emerald Cup Figure, Stephanie Spencer won her class, Teale Meuller 2nd in Heather's class, Priscilla Shaw 2nd in 35+, Ranee Elder 2nd in 40+ Tall, and Jerry Murray won the 40+ as well as the Masters Overall.  Congrats!

NPC MidUSA/NM State show date announced: AUGUST 21,
Santa Fe, NM, in the James A. Little Theater at the Santa Fe School of the Deaf. The MidUSA is a National Qualifier and an great title to have on the resume.

The NPC Northern CO is this Sat. and evening show tickets have sold out. There are lots of Prejudging tickets still available and will be available at the door.

Jamie Nalzinek gets a writeup in Your Hub.  She will be competing Apr.3rd at the NPC Northern CO.  Read Here-

Tickets are on sale for the NPC Northern CO April 3rd.  Don't miss Branch Warren at the Boulder Theater!   Click to Get Tickets-

Click Here to view the 2010 Colorado NPC Newsletter. Print out and post the calendar at your gym!

Great interview with CO IFBB Fitness Pro, Brigette Murray on Hardbody.  Click Here for interview and pic.

Branch Warren video 3 wks out from the Arnold, Click Here. Branch will be one of the most conditioned Guest Posers ever at the April 3rd NPC Northern CO!.

5 CO athletes in the IFBB Phoenix Pro this weekend: Camala Rodriguez(Fitness) and Figure competitors Listy Allen, Chaundra Tanji, Jaime Meade and Taylor Waldrop.  Good luck!  Click here for the complete list.

IFBB Pro, Carla Sanchez, will be on FOX 31 TV Denver, today at 4pm. Click Here.

Click Here to listen to Colorado Figure competitor, Ann Claiborne, on the podcast.

Here's the address to follow me on Twitter:

Please welcome a new sponsor to the NPC family in CO: PROBODY SOLUTIONS will be the Title Sponsor for the May 22nd NPC Southern CO/Armed Forces Championships!  Click Here to go to their site-

Carla Sanchez is holding a clean cooking clinic with Chef Randy Reynolds Jan. 23rd.  Check it out- Click Here for the story.

Send in for your new 2010 NPC Card:  Click Here, print out, fill in and send in with payment and you will be ready for the new year!

Another FIRST for Colorado: The Arnold Classic list of invitees is out and there is a representative in each division for the first time, Phil Heath, Heather Armbrust, Heather Mae French and Camala Rodriguez! Click Here for the entire list-

One of our CO competitors, Bruce Oreck, is the new ambassador to Finland!  Check out his Christmas card pic here: Click Here

Congrats to all 11 Colorado athletes who competed in the most prestigious and competitive event in the country, the NPC Nationals, (-where every bb class winner earns a pro card).
Here are the top 10 placings: Bodybuilding- Dana Richards 8th, Luis Santa 5th and Keith Fels 10th.  In Figure- Teale Mueller 6th, Bikini- Ami Seier 5th and Amanda Tobey 7th. 

Congratulations to all 146 competitors who made this a memorable ROCKY!  Click Here for complete results-

NPC ROCKY COMPETITORS:  Here is the link to order photos for this weekend's show:  Click Here

NPC competitors, Troy and Lori Raper, are the feature article in the Fitness section of the Denver Post today!  3 pics also. Congratulations! Click Here to view-

Vote for our NPC CO State BB Champ, Marina Lopez, in the Local Celebrity Fashion Show:  Click Here to Vote
Let's outmuscle the tv personalities and vote for Marina!!

Results posted for the NPC Axis Labs Natural CO Open. Congrats to everyone who participated in this year's amazing athlete lineup!  Click Here for results-

Tickets on sale online for the NPC ROCKY!  Click Here to purchase.

Meet new sponsors, INFORMED CHOICE,and INBOUNDS ATHLETICS, at the NPC Natural CO Open Sat.!

Sat. is the Axis Labs Natural CO Open with a record number of athletes! Flex Lewis is guest posing courtesy of Gaspari. Click Here to view the GASPARI athlete page, and Here to see Flex Lewis on GaspariTV.

Isaac has an informative post about the differences between NPC Bikini and NPC Figure.  Click Here to read.

Jeff Taylor and Kent Paul, ('98 CO Champ), on KBPI Fri., 7:30am. Listen online here.

Last Performance Ready Poise & Presentation Seminar of the year, this Sat., Oct. 10th, 11am-1pm.  Led by IFBB Fitness & Figure Pro, Jessie Palmer.  Click Here for more.

IN THE NEWS: Colorado NPC Figure competitor, Sara Hurrle, is on pgs.114-118 in the October Shape Magazine.  Way to go Sara!!

The Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta was a blast again this year! Congrats to all the winners.  Click Here for Results-

Click Here to read this week's Performance Ready Newsletter with pics and info about Saturday's VPX Fitness Fiesta!

Tickets just went on sale for online purchase for the AXIS LABS Natural CO Open.  Click Here to order!

Congratulations to our amazing CO Pros! Heather Armbrust 2nd, Heather Mae French 3rd, and Phil Heath 5th.  Click Here for pics & results-

NPC ROCKY entry posted with lots of new info for 2009. This is going to be the biggest and the best Rocky yet!  Click Here for entry info.

Congratulations to our new IFBB Figure Pro, Jaime Meade!!  She was 2nd in the E Class at the NPC Team Universe this past weekend. Other top 10 finishers: BB-Chris Schranck 9th, Cindy Andersen 4th, FIGURE-A Ann Claiborne 6th, D Jenny Lewis 5th, Masters B Tara Green 4th,FITNESS- Lauren Niehaus 10th.

ISS Research announced their Olympia Oh Yeah! Girls a while back, and CO girl and new IFBB Bikini Pro, Sonya Vecchiarelli, is on the team. Sonya's first competition was last year's Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta where she won the Model Search!  Click Here for the Oh Yeah! Girls list-

Good luck Heather Mae French, CO Bikini Champ Trishia Lea Montoya, New IFBB Figure Pro Taylor Waldrop and Rebecca Main at your first LFL game Friday night.  Click Here to see TV7 interview, Here is the KWGN interview with Heather.  Go coach and NPC Judge, Allen Watkins!

Tickets on sale for the Fitness Fiesta!  Click here-

The lineup is set for the Oct.3rd VPX Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta: IFBB Pros, Camala Rodriguez and Jessie Booth, will be performing their fitness routines, & IFBB Bikini Pro, Sonja Vecchiarelli, will be guest judging the Model Search.  Sign up now:  Click Here

Colorado's Phil Heath is on the October FLEX cover with 8 pgs. of workout pics with Dexter Jackson.  Check out other Colorado NPC people on pgs. 84, 94, 256, 268 & 289.  Pick it up!

As always, I like to make sure everyone knows when one of our NPC competitors makes the news.  Overall NPC ROCKY Champ and USA Welterwt. Winner, Luis Santa, was featured in an article in the Schriever AFB paper. Click Here for the link-

IFBB Pro and last weekend's Houston Pro winner, Heather Mae French, is presenting The Bulgarian Training Bag Intensive Clinic, facilitated by Steve Nave this Saturday, Sept. 5th at Jeffco Stadium.  Click Here for more-

Lots of new prizes and more classes at the NPC VPX Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta!  Click Here for details-

Yea Heather Mae French: Winner of the Houston Pro Figure! Click Here for pics.

Congrats to top 10 placers at the North American: Holly Geerson, 2nd Bodybuilding, Michael Alexander, 2nd 40+ Bodybuilding, Figure Ann Claiborne, 8th, Renee Paul, 8th.

IFBB Pro, Andy Haman, from CO Springs, is interviewed on RxMuscle. Click Here for interview. Andy was signed by DYMATIZE. Congrats Andy!  Click Here for more-

Jim Manion posted the new policy addressing free tickets to shows for IFBB pros. Click Here-

Don't miss meeting Chris Andersen from the Denver Nuggets this Sat. at the Highlands Ranch Max Muscle. Click Here-

Way to go, Colorado! Two more IFBB Pro cards went to Colorado NPC competitors this past weekend, so we are on a record setting pace.  Congrats to new pros, Krystal Marshall-Overall Bikini and Taylor Waldrop-Figure E 1st!  Here are the other top 10 placers out of the 24 CO athletes that competed at the  USA Championships last weekend: BODYBUILDING: Luis Santa-1st Welters, Holly Geerson-1st Heavywt., Mark Bennett-2nd Ltwt.(WYO), FIGURE: A-Ann Claiborne 4th, D-Jenny Lewis 2nd, Teale Mueller 6th, E-Lee-Ann Ellison 9th,  F-Ranee Elder 8th, BIKINI:D- Jamie Polk 6th, E-Yvonne Vaicius 5th, F-Tricia Lea Montoya 3rd.
Click Here for pics.

Congratulations to our NPC Masters Nationals competitors from CO! Michael Alexander was 3rd in 40+ Supers, Jerry Murray 5th, Anita Ramsey(NM) over 35BB, Over 35 Figure: Tara Green 2nd A, Nancy Rinaldo 7th B,  Tiffany Karnig 5th E, Chris Kramer  8th F, Over 45 Figure: Joanna Frichtel 6th B.

Find me on FaceBook: Click Here-

See pics of IFBB Pro, Heather Mae French, in LFL gear on Channel 2 website: Click Here-

Colorado's 2nd IFBB Bikini Pro of 2009, Sonya Vecchiarelli, is this week's Wallpaper of the week.  Congrats Sonya! Click Here-
(Check out Colorado IFBB Pro, Andy Haman, in the intro graphic-)

Results posted for the July 18th CO State Championships. Click Here!
Congratulations to all who competed and congrats to the 5 new State Champs--wearers of THE RINGS! 

Don't miss Phil Heath's radio interview with Willie B on KBPI 106.7 at 7:15a.m. Friday, July 17th!  Click Here to listen online-

Click Here for the latest online Colorado NPC Newsletter-

Colorado NPC Bikini competitor, Yvonne Vaicius, is this week's Wallpaper of the Week on  Click Here to see-

If you missed last week's Amateur of the Week, it was Aspen Schmidt, 2008 NPC CO Fitness Champ.  Click Here to see pics and story.

Congratulations to all 32 CO competitors who made the trek to Jr.Nationals in Chicago last weekend. That is a new CO record! Congrats to 2 new IFBB pros Camala Rodriguez-overall Fitness, and Sonja Vecchiarelli-Bikini class winner!  Other class winners: '08 Rocky Champ, Luis Santa-won Welters and '08 CO Champ, Dana RichardsFigure, here are top 10 placers: A- Anisa Boscia-6th, Kelli Dominguez-7th, Sara Blackwell-9th, B- Tara Green-5th, C- Marla Smith-7th, Carradine McAlpine-10th, D- Jenny Lewis-3rd, Teale Mueller-6th, Shelley Hillesheim-7th, Marilena Echohawk-8th, E- Jaime Meade-2nd, F- Darlene Tafoya-9th, Fitness- Rachel Patton-7th, Bikini-LeeAnn Kerr-3rd, Amanda Berthod-8th, Jamie Polk-2nd, Yvonne Vaicius-8th, Erica Nouh-5th, Ashley Shoultz-10th, Bodybuilding- Yusef Al Awaji-5th, Santino Pseuda-8th.

Tickets are on sale now for the July 18th NPC CO State show. Click Here!

Good luck to all of the CO competitors heading to Chicago for Jr.Nationals this weekend.  It looks like a record number of competitors from CO at a single national event!  Look for results here next week.

For photo and cd orders of the NPC Mile High June 6th, Click Here for the form-

What a show! The NPC MAX MUSCLE Mile High Championships last Sat. was amazing!  Congrats to all who competed and all of the overall champions.  Check out the results HERE.
won women's Heavywts.  In
Some ideas and clarification about the new NPC Bikini division compared to Figure from  Click Here for the latest NPC Jr.USA Bikini comparison pics and thoughts.

Woo Hoo- the first ever IFBB Bikini Pros were crowned last weekend and one is Colorado's own, Stacey Oster!  She was runner up for the overall at the NPC Jr.USA and earned her IFBB Pro Card.  Will she be the first Olympia Bikini Champ in 2010?  Click Here for pics and story-
See pics of all of the Bikini Class winners from the NPC Jr.USAHERE.

Congratulations to the 8 CO competitors who participated in the NPC Jr.USA this past weekend. Highlights:  Stacy Oster won her Bikini Class!  Lauren Niehaus placed 3rd in Fitness, Barbi  Draper was 6th in Figure, Ranee Elder 8th place, Jackie Morrison 8th place.

Congratulations to IFBB Cal Pro Winner, Heather Mae French! Click Here for pics and results-  (Heather has come a long way since winning her class at the 2005 NPC ROCKY!)

Click Here for Results from last Saturday's NPC Southern CO/Armed Forces Natural BB/Fig/Bikini show.  Congratulations to winners of the swords and all who competed! 

Check out Jas Kasten's band, Strange Condition, May 23rd at the Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO.  (You have heard their cds playing in the background at shows!)  They were on Ch.2 last week also.  Click here

Tickets are on sale online for the NPC Mile High Natural June 6th. Click Here to purchase-

Congrats to Colorado competitor, Stacy Oster, who won the overall Bikini at the Contra Costa in CA. Click here for pics-

Great article and pics about the new NPC Bikini division from an interview with IFBB Women's Athlete Rep, Sandy Williamson. Click Here for the story and pics.

Entry info for the NPC CYTOCHARGE CO STATE posted. Click Here.

Host Hotel for the NPC MAX MUSCLE Mile High June 6th is the Holiday Inn/Lakewood. Rate is $75/night and is the location for the Fri. night Athlete Check-In. Click Here for info.

Host Hotel for this Saturday's show: Microtel Inn & Suites for $49/night. Call 719.598.7500, or Click Here for more info.
to go to their site and take a listen-
Guest Poser for the NPC Mile High Championships June 6th is Orlando Pro Show winner, Troy Alves!  Check out the pics HERE-

Host Hotel for the May 9th NPC Southern CO/Armed Forces Championships is MICROTEL, $49/night, ask for the "NPC Bodybuilding" to get that rate.  Click Here for hotel info-

Since half of the LFL team - The Denver Dream- are IFBB / NPC athletes, others may want to give it a shot at Dick's Sports Arena Thursday, 2-5 pm, for final try outs.  Join Heather Mae French, Kari Abt, Jessie Booth-Palmer et al, on the team!  Click Here for more-

Congratulations to NPC champs who are making waves in the IFBB Pro ranks.  Last weekend's Europa Orlando Figure Pro Show was nearly won by Heather Mae French---she was 2nd by only one point!  Rookie Figure pro, Rachel Cammon took 8th, and Jessie Palmer took 8th in Fitness and Andy Haman 13th!  Click Here for pics and results-

Jenny Lewis gets a pic posted on!  Click Here to view.

Results for the NPC Northern CO posted.  Click Here-

NPC Northern CO Bikini Overall winner, Yvonne Vaicius, featured in!  Click here for pic and story-

It is official: EUROPA Denver Pro/Am show will be July 2010!  Details coming...

Colorado's own Rachel Cammon is featured in a post boosting the NPC Northern CO show last weekend. Rachel's first figure show was last year's Northern CO-then turned pro last summer at the USA!  Check it out Here-

Congratulations to all who competed in the Northern CO Championships Saturday and thank you to all who braved the elements to be there supporting!  Pics and Results will be posted soon-

A record number of competitors, mostly first timers, will be onstage at the NPC Axis Labs Northern CO Championships Saturday!  A snowstorm may make traveling to the show difficult, so please plan accordingly. Click Here for more-


Read NPC Northern CO competitor Sean Knox' story of recovery after being attacked--Click Here. Eileen Thomas is another Northern CO competitor who has a very interesting story about overcoming a medical issue.  Click Here for her story-

Congrats to our Colorado competitors who were a part of the NPC Amateur Arnold Classic this past March 6th:  Heather Grace-2nd FIG,  LeaAnn Ellison-1st FIG, Lauren Niehaus-2nd FIT, Kristal Marshal-2nd BIK.  Click Here for complete results-

Click Here to view the Denver Post listing for the NPC Northern CO show.

Check out Colorado's own, IFBB Pro Andy Haman & Family as The INCREDIBLES at the Arnold Classic:  Click Here for pic and article!

The Denver Dream tryouts are over, and half of the team are NPC competitors or IFBB Figure Pros!  (4 NPC, 2 IFBB)   Congratulations Kristal, Jessica, Heather, Kari, Lindsey and Ianthe!  Click Here for complete list.

Make plans to attend the NPC Mtn.States Championships at Grandview HS Auditorium, Aurora, CO this Saturday!  Click Here for directions.

'09 Colorado Judging Clinic next Sun., March 15th, 4pm.  Open to the Public. Click Here for directions-  SPECIAL THANKS TO BALLY TOTAL FITNESS FOR THEIR SUPPORT OF THE NPC '09 CO JUDGING CLINIC-

The first major NPC Bikini show was the Amateur Arnold Classic, March 5th. Click Here to watch-

Congrats to Heather Armbrust, 4th Bodybuilding, and Heather Mae French, 7th Figure, at the Arnold Ms.International! 

Read Melissa Taylor's article about CO State Mid.Class winner and Nuggets Strength Coach, Steve Hess, in Mile High Sports Magazine- Click Here.
Carla Sanchez also got a pic in the March MHSM!  Click Here.

Tickets on sale today for the NPC Northern CO Championships at the Boulder Theater.  Click Here to purchase-

Click Here for the first online newsletter for 2009.

CONTEST UPDATE:  The NPC Mtn.States Peak Performance BIKINI class is FREE, (must have NPC card to compete), if you contact Brian by March 5th,

Click Here to download the NPC Axis Labs Northern CO poster-

Note date change:  The NPC CO State date changes to one week later-July 18th, with Mr.Olympia 3rd place finisher, Phil Heath, Guest Posing!

Bikini rule update:  Must compete in any local level show before heading to any national NPC Bikini event.  Click Here for details-

The 2009 NPC Rocky Mountain Newsletter is posted!  Click Here to see all of the rule changes, guest posers, show pics, etc.-

The NPC Mile High Natural contest info is posted!  Click Here-

Steel City Entry Info is posted. David Henry Guest Posing! Click Here-

Congrats to '08 NPC Rocky Figure competitor, Melanie Nevins!  She won the Grand Prize, ($3000), in the Tosca Reno Eat-Clean Body Makeover Challenge.  Click Here for the entire story-

CO NPC long-time sponsor, Christine Marsh Designs, gets a pic on at the Fit Expo in LA.  Click Here-

Join FaceBook and look me up. I want to keep current with all of our NPC competitors and fans, so click here for my page- 

Congrats to Colorado's Isaac Hinds for winning the, "2008 Photographer Of The Year!"   Click here for complete list.

Entry info and downloadable pdf entry form available now for the NPC Southern CO/Armed Forces Championships May 9th. Click Here-

Check out CO IFBB Pro Andy Haman's new DVD-"It's All Lighting!"  Click Here for all of the info and order- 

See IFBB Bodybuilding Pro and winner of the '08 NY Pro Show, Cathy LeFrancois in town this week:
Wed., Jan.14 @ GNC/16th St.Mall Pavillions, 11-2
Sun., Jan. 18 @ Lifestyle Fit.Train.Cen.
(Marina Lopez' new facility),12-3

See NPC Rocky LtHvy. winner, Chris Williamson, in the cage at Ring of Fire 33, Sat. Jan. 10th.  Click here for more-

Entry & info for the NPC Northern CO Championships posted.  Click Here-

Another article and pic in Muscle & Fitness Hers.  This time, the '08 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta is featured.  Click Here for more-

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year's celebration.  Gustavo Badell
will be Guest Posing at the NPC Northern CO April 4th!
Click Here to download the 2009 NPC Card Application and send in.

Check out the 2009 Calendar updated with Bikini Division: Click Here-

Congrats to Colorado's 'Heathers'!  2001 NPC CO State BB Champ, Heather (Policky) Armbrust, and 2005 NPC ROCKY Class winner, Heather Mae French, were selected to compete at the 2009 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding and Figure International. 

Top national level competitor, Jenny Lewis, is interviewed on   Click Here for pic and interview.

Sara Hurrle, '07 CO Pro/Am Figure & '08 CA State Figure overall, is the photo of the day for 12.17.08!   Click Here to see.

Check out our NPC CytoCharge ROCKY Figure Champ, Stephanie Spencer, on  Click Here for pic and article!

Plan your 2009 NPC competition schedule.  Click Here for the '09 Calendar.
Click Here to see entire Competition Results for 2008.

NPC Competitor and Trainer, Jim Machak, has a writeup and pic in the Jan. 2009 IRONMAN Magazine, page 224.  Congrats Jim!

PR Team awards at annual PR Team Holiday Party.  This year's theme: 'Wild About Fitness'  Click Here to see the winners-

NPC Rule Changes for 2009: Click Here.
Click Here to read about the new NPC Bikini Model Division for 2009.

NPC ROCKY Overall Men's Champion, Sgt. Luis Santa, has a writeup in a local paper.  Click Here to read--

Congratulations to Colorado's 5th IFBB Pro of 2008:  Rita Rae!  She earned her pro card by winning the Ltwt. class at the NPC National Bodybuilding Championships, Atlanta, GA 11.22.08.  Click here for pic and story.

NPC ROCKY competitor, Sharon Smith, 60, rescheduled on 9NEWS today at 6:20 a.m. and 8:20 a.m.(Ch.3).  Click Here to see the story and video-

Congratulations to all of the athletes who participated in the 2008 NPC ROCKY Nov.15th!  Click Here for complete RESULTS-

Another NPC ROCKY competitor is on TV!  Watch Sharon Smith on 9NEWS Fri., Nov. 14th, 6:20 a.m.-Channel 9, & 8:20 a.m.-Channel 3! 

Check out NPC '08 ROCKY competitors in the news-
Click Here to read Cindy's story, and Click Here to read Barbi's story!

Congratulations to all of the NPC Natural CO Open competitiors who were a part of this year's event.  Click Here for results!

Bodybuilder of the Week on is CO's Curtis Lillie!  Click Here to check out-

Mary Lynch, competitor in the Natural CO Open this Sat., Oct. 25th, was interviewed by
Susie Wargin on
9NEWS this morning!   Click Here

Host Hotel for the Nov. 15th NPC ROCKY: Hotel VQ at Invesco Field, (formerly the Red Lion).  Ask for "THE ROCKY" $82/night rate. Click Here for directions. 303.433.8331 CLICK HERE to book ONLINE now!

CO NPC bodybuilders are in the news. Click here to read the article about Capt.Tyler Cates and SSgt. Luis Santa!

Please welcome a new sponsor to the NPC Natural CO Open, OPTIMUM NUTRITION.  "ON", along with ABB, is sponsoring this event for the first time.  They will be giving away product samples at the Oct. 25th show.  Click Here to learn about ON-

Congratulations to all of the models, fitness and figure competitors who participated in the NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Oct. 4th! 
Click Here for PHOTOS.
Click Here for RESULTS.

Tickets are on sale for the NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta!  Click Here to purchase-

Congratulations to new IFBB Pros from CO:  Liza Kampstra, Figure, and Jo Marriner, Fitness.  Ann Claiborne was close to winning her pro card with her 3rd place finish.  Congrats also to Teale Mueller-8th, Jaime Meade-6th, Melissa Thalhammer-10th.
Click here to see all results.
Our brand new CO Pro, Theresa Gillian, took another 7th place at the New York Pro Figure!! 

To kick off the fall show season, CYTOCHARGE, the title sponsor of the NPC CO State and NPC ROCKY, is offering a 5% off coupon
on your order of $50 or more with this special code:  R003JT.  Type in this code when placing your order at the Cyto-Charge Store »

Click Here to check out the new website just launched for Nadine- Personal Nutrition Coaching, training, and more.

Entry info and downloadable pdf entry forms are online for these shows: Click Here for the Oct. 4th Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta,  and
Click Here for the October 25th Natural CO Open-

Congratulations to all of our Masters Nationals and USA competitors!   We have a new IFBB PRO from CO:  RACHEL CAMMON!
Click here for Masters RESULTS-
(FIG: Shelley Hillesheim 1st, Tara Green 3rd,
Joanna Frichtel 3rd,  Joanne Ott 5th,
Nancy Kerr 9th, --congrats!
BB: Michael Alexander 10th, Stephen Hess 9th, Gary Garcia 8th, Curtis Lillie 9th--congrats!)

Click Here for USA RESULTS-
(FIG: Rachel Cammon 1st, Jaime Meade & Shelley took 3rds, Jenny Lewis & Mary Cencich took 7ths-congrats!
BB: Rita Ray 1st, Holly Geerson 2nd, Tracy Bodner 7th, Tim Ward 6th, Rick Sosias 7th & Yusef Al-Awaji 8th-congrats!)

The winning TEAM at the NPC CO State Championships is INFINITE SPORTS!  Congratulations Carol Semple and Michael Alexander-

Congratulations to all who competed in the NPC CO State Championships!  See who won the four, 2008 Champion Rings: Click Here for Results-

Congratulations to Heather Mae French!  She placed 3rd at the Houston Pro Figure Show and won the Best Presentation Award.
Congrats also  to Liane Siewald-12th place
  Click Here for Heather pics-

Phil Heath was on 9NEWS this morning talking about guest posing at the NPC CO State this Sat.  Click Here to follow the links to video-

The NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta! has a date:  Oct. 4th

Congrats to all of the 28 CO competitors at the Jr.Nationals in Chicago June 20,21  Teresa Gilliam, ('07 Mile High Winner), earned her pro card!  Figure Highlights: Jenny Lewis 2nd, Liza Kamstra 2nd, Jaime Meade 3rd, Jacqui Skibba 7th, Sara Hurrle 9th, Darlene Tafoya 9th.  Fitness: Rachel Patton 4th, Ginger Garcia 9th, Jo Marriner 3rd, Liz Major 7th.  Bodybuilding: Adam Hively 5th, Andrea Wanek 5th.  Click Here for complete results.

Chris Faildo just released his new DVD, "Hurricane Warning."  Click Here to check out his new site with a vidoe of his guest posing in Denver June 7th!

NPC FIGURE Clinic 7 pm, Tues., June 24, with IFBB Pro,Heather Mae French, and NPC National Judge, Rick Kasten, at VQ Hotel next to Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, (formerly the Red Lion).  For trainers, competitors, fans. Free.  Click Here for directions

Congratulations to all who competed and supported the NPC Mile High Championships last Sat.  Click Here for results-

Order your video/dvd for the NPC Mile High this weekend.  Early Bird Special is $39.  Click Here to order-

Train with Ms. Olympia Fitness/Ms.International Fitness Champ, Jenny Henderschott, at her Phat Camp in DENVER, June 27-29 at FORZA Fitness downtown. There are only 25 spots left.  Click Here for details!

Congratulations to Jenny Lewis who was 4th at the NPC Jr.USA May 17th, Sara Hurrle won the Figure Overall at the California State May 24th, and Heather Mae French was 2nd place in the California PRO May 24th! (Heather was 4th at the Pittsburgh Pro earlier this month.)  Colorado NPC / IFBB Figure competitors rock!

Tickets on sale for the NPC Mile High Championships June 7th.  Click Here to order!

IFBB Pro and '08 NY Pro winner, CATHY LEFRANCOIS, will be be doing a 'Meet & Greet' at GNC/Centennial, (303.400.9512) on Mon.,May 19th 11-2, and at GNC/Denver Pavillions, (303.454.9611), on Tues., May 20th, 11-2.  Stop by and meet her!

DATE SET FOR NPC MID-USA/NM STATE-- August 9th!  Call 505-379-1624 for entry info.  Keep holding the JUNE 28th date, as there will be a new show tba.

Make plans to attend the NPC Steel City Championships this Sat. in Pueblo and see Kai Greene guest posing.  This may be a fan's best chance to see a guest pro in contest condition!  Call James Sena for tickets, 719-253-1832

Congrats to all who participated in the NPC Northern CO Championships last weekend!!  Click Here for results-

Competition Preparation Workshop for female N.P.C. athletes with IFBB Pro, Chaundra Tangi, this Sunday, April 14th, 2-4 pm, at Armbrust Colorado Pro Gym, 303-456-0076.  Click Here for more.

Judging clinic Sun., March 30th, 3pm, at Bally Total Fitness/Englewood
New qualification rules, proper presentation, q & a.  Thank you to BALLY TOTAL FITNESS for the use of their conference space! 

Let's make sure that Colorado is the, 'Fittest State in the Union,' again in '08!  Sign up for the President's Fitness Challenge today-- it's free  Click Here for more info!  (Trainers--this would be a fun 6 week program for your clients-)

Team Universe Overall Champ, CHRIS FAILDO, will be guest posing at the NPC Mile High June 7th!  (It is rare for a Welterwt. to win an overall. Click Here to see the '07 Team U pics-

Tickets are available for purchase online for the April 5th NPC Northern CO featuring Darrem Charles guest posing!  Click Here to order--

2008 Rocky Mountain NPC Newsletter is posted!  Click Here-

Check out the upcoming March ad in FITNESS MANAGEMENT Magazine featuring our NPC Natural CO Open Overall Figure Champ, Jamie Meade!   CLICK HERE.  
(Email me if anyone is interested in a climbing wall!

Carla Sanchez kicks off the year with the biggest and best lineup yet with her first Fitness & Figure Competitor Camp of '08, Feb.15-17.  NPC VP, IFBB and NPC Nat'l Judge, Jim Rockell, Jose Antonio, Elaine and Terry Goodlad, and David Sandler, (you may have seen his strength program on Discovery Channel this past fall)!   Click Here for all of the details-

Christine Marsh Designs has moved!  Her new location is 7500 S. University, Centennial, (the SE corner of Dry Creek and S.University).  It's next to Blackjack Pizza.  (Seems cruel.)  Click Here for more-

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  The 2008 NPC Card is available online, so don't miss any issues and send in your membership application today.  Click Here for the membership application.

April 5th is the date for the NPC Northern CO Championships!

Check out the 2008 Schedule:  Click Here!

MAX MUSCLE/ BOULDER GRAND OPENING this Sat., Dec. 8th! Click Here for the flyer-   

Congratulations to all of the 2007 NPC Rocky Mtn Bodybuilding/Carol Semple Fitness & Figure Championships Competitors!  Click Here for Results-

Tune in to FIT ON FOX31 Wed. morning 8 a.m. for a story on our wheelchair athletes!  Read about other athletes competing in the upcoming NPC Rocky/Carol Semple Show:  Ron Testa, 61First-Timer Paul Hansen lost 75 lbs., and  Nick Scott's Wheelchair story.

Tickets are on sale online for the NPC CytoCharge Rocky BB & Carol Semple Fit/Fig. Championships Dec. 1st!  Click Here to order-

Congratulations to Jo Marriner who finished 3rd place in Fitness at NPC Nationals in Dallas last weekend!  Click Here for complete results

Sunday, Nov. 18th is a Figure Competition Clinic by Carol Semple in Pueblo, CO.  Email Carol, for details and be ready for the Dec. 1st show!

Click Here for Results from last weekend's Axis Labs Natural CO Open

It is with great sadness that I post the passing of one of our CO State Champions--Steve Collins. He died unexpectedly at his home Sunday.  Steve, 37, was born in Boulder, CO, and graduated from Fairview High. In his first show,
The '06 CO State,
he won the overall Novice, Open and Overall.  He is survived by his father, Jack, mother, Ann, sister, Suzanne, many loving friends and his two dogs Niko and Kayla.  Services will be held Thurs., 11/1, 2pm at Olinger Chapel Hill Mortuary, 6601 S.Colorado Blvd., Littleton, CO.  Contributions may be made to the Denver Dumb Friends League, 2080 S.Quebec, Denver, CO 80231.  Steve will be missed by all of us in the NPC community.  We won't forget Steve Collins.

Check out the wrapup story and photos of the Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta on by Clicking Here-

Click Here for RESULTS and PHOTOS from the 2007 POINT Ath.Club Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta!

Tickets are available for the AXIS LABS Natural Colorado Open!  Click Here-

Watch FOX31 Fit On Fox tomorrow,(Thursday), and see competitors in the Fitness Fiesta!

Congratulations to our CO Pros: Heather Mae French, - 6th at the Tournament of Champions Figure Sept. 22, and Bridgette Murray - 11th at the Atlantic City Pro Fitness!

Host Hotel announced for the Dec.1st NPC Rocky Mtn. BB and Carol Semple Fit./Fig. Championships:  The Red Lion Hotel right next to Bronco Stadium on I-25.  (No Christmas parade to worry about this year!)  Call today to make your $79/night reservations, 720-855-4005.

Get ready for Fall Figure shows!  Sept. 22 is the Poise and Presentation Seminar.  It covers presentation for fitness & figure plus model turns.  Discount for all competitors entered in the Fitness Fiesta Oct. 20th!  Click Here for info-

Congratulations to Colorado's newest IFBB Pro, Jessica Steffens! Click Here for pics.  She took 1st at the North American and 2nd overall to earn her pro card!  Also congrats to Anna Laratta-1st in over 35 & 3rd Open, Michele Dennis 2nd in over 35, Chris Ransome  2nd in Welterwt. Open & 5th over 35 BB, and Mary Cencich!  Click Here for complete results-

The Carla Sanchez Fitness FIESTA entry is online.  Click Here!
New this year:  HOT MAMA Model Search & FITTEST COUPLE!  Oxygen Magazine will be there-.

TRIVIA QUESTION:  What top local Figure competitor is also an NHRA professional race car driver?  ANSWER:  Thea Meyer!  Thea and Jeff Taylor were on Fox 31, "Fit on Fox"  this morning. CLICK HERE to see the show!

Top local Figure competitor, Asia K. Mays, 24, passed away unexpectedly at her residence on August 8, 2007 in Colorado Springs. She was born September 3, 1982 in Fayetteville North Carolina. She enjoyed boxing, figure competition, aerobics and traveling. She leaves to cherish her memory, her son, William Mays, and a host of other relatives and friends. Visitation will be held from 4-6 pm, Monday August 13, 2007 at Angelus Funeral Directors 2535 Airport Road. Funeral Services will be held at 1:00 pm Tuesday August 14, at Angelus Funeral Directors. 
I am deeply saddened by this news.  Please take a moment of silence to offer a prayer of support for her son and family/friends.  Asia placed 3rd at the Shawn Ray CO Pro/Am, and won her class at the NPC Southern CO earlier this year.  She will be greatly missed by all of us in the NPC as well.

Performance Ready seminar next weekend, Thur.,.Aug.16th, 1-3pm, for JUNIOR FITNESS competitors at THE POINT Athletic Club.  Get ready for the OCT. 20th Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta!   Click Here for more--

Congrats to all who competed in the 2007 NPC USA Championships last weekend!  Mary Cencich was 3rd and Brooke Brusch 5th in Figure, Holly Geerson 5th in Bodybuilding!   Jessica Steffens was 6th, Jacqui Skibba 7th, Anna Laratta 7th, Liza Kampstra 8th and Jenny Lewis 9th.  In all, 13 from CO participated.  Click Here for results and pics.

Colorado has a new IFBB Pro: Andy Haman!  Andy won the SuperHvy. class, overall Masters Nationals and earned his IFBB Pro Card!  Congratulation to Andy, Cindy Anderson-1st Ltwt.BB,
William Reese-4th BB Michele Dennis-2nd FIGURE,  Joanna Frichtel-4th FIGURE, and all who participated! Click Here for results.

Attn: FIGURE COMPETITORS--Make plans to attend Carla Sanchez' Seminar August 4th.  IFBB Vice President and IFBB/NPC National Judge, Jim Rockell, will be special presenter.  Click Here for more-

Congratulations to all of the participants in the 2007 CytoCharge Colorado State Championships last Saturday and the 4 new Overall Champions who will wear the NPC CO STATE Champ RINGS.  Awesome show!  Click Here for results.

Congratulations to the CO competitors who participated in the TEAM UNIVERSE and National Fitness/Figure Championships!  Way to go Jenny Lewis-4th, and Reginald Figgs-2nd!  Click Here for results--

Congrats to LIANNE SIEWALD for her 7th place finish at the Jan Tana Figure last weekend!  Click Here for pics/results.

Congrats to everyone who participated in the 2007 NPC Mile High Natural Championships June 23rd!  Click Here for Results!

Congratulations to 2006 NPC CO State Figure Champ, Tana Swink(Clough)---'07 Jr.Nationals Overall Runnerup and NEW IFBB PRO! Click Here for pics-
Congrats also to Santino Pusedu-5th, Liza Kampstra-5th, Malena Marquez-5th Fitness, Jessica Steffens-8th, Jacqui Skibba-7th,Chris Havecost 11th, Priscilla Shaw, Jo Marriner & Lauren Niehaus!

Etnry online for CO State Championships.  Click Here-

Click Here for RESULTS from the Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am NPC Classic!  Check out Musclular Development's results and pics: Click Here-

Click Here for RESULTS from the NPC Southern CO & Armed Forces BB/Fig. Championships.  Congratulations to all who participated this year!

Wow! Look at the sponsors who will be at the CO Pro/AM in 2 weeks: Click Here

Check out interviews with pros competing in the June 1,2 CO Pro/Am: Sylvio Samuel, Dennis James, David Henry & Johnnie Jackson. Click Here-

Congratulations to Promoter James Sena, and all who participated and attended the NPC Steel City Championships last weekend.  It set a record for the most competitors and spectators ever for that show!

BIG QUINCY TAYLOR will be guest posing at the July 14th CO State Show!  (He will be 4 weeks out from the Europa Super Show---not often you get to see a 300+ lb. pro shredded!)

NPC Mile High Natural Championships Entry Form is now online.  Click Here!

Check out for the latest pro competitor lists.  4, possibly 5, Colorado IFBB Pros will be competing!  Buy your tickets today--just go to the TICKET button.

NPC Northern CO results and pics posted! Click Here

Ms.Olympia & Fitness International Champ, Jenny Hendershott is hosting her Phat Camp at Gold's Gym/Loveland next weekend!  Click Here for more info--

Click Here to check out the latest IFBB Pros competing at the CO Pro Show!

Congrats to former NPC CO State Champs and now IFBB Pros who competed at last weekend's ARNOLD CLASSIC, Phil Heath, (5th), and Heather Policky, (3rd)!  Click Here for results and pics.

Tickets on sale now for the NPC Northern Colorado show March 31st at the Boulder Theater!  Click Here

Best of luck to former CO State Champs, Phil Heath and Heather Policky, as they compete in their first ARNOLD show this weekend!

Volunteers needed for 2007 shows!  Email 
Jeff Taylor  with contact email and phone if you are interested.

Click Here for the COLORADO PRO Show ad that you will see in Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, Ironman, MD, MuscleMag and more.  Valerie Waugaman, last year's Figure champ is returning.  Christine Pomponio-Pate will be in the lineup, and IFBB men Dennis James and Darrem Charles will be among those battling it out for the $25,000 first place prize money.

2.5.07 Former NPC CO State Champs, Heather Policky and Phil Heath are both competing in the prestigious ARNOLD CLASSIC.  Click Here to read the Isaac Hinds interview with
Heather with pics and video on 

1.15.07 Attention Fitness and Figure Competitors:  Don't miss this Saturday's Performance Ready all-day camp.  IFBB Pros, Carla Sanchez, Christine Pomponio-Pate & Elaine Goodlad are just a few of those speaking.  Click Here for more-

1.9.07 MidUSA/NM State show will be held June 30th at the Albuquerque Little Theater.  This is a great title to own--

1.5.07 Colorado Pro / Am 2006 show pics available for purchase.  Click Here.  (Hey, click to just check out the show!)

1.2.07 Figure/Fitness competitors:  Start the year out right- sign up for a Performance Ready Competitor Camp!  The first one is January 20.  Click Here for more info.

Memorial Service for NPC Champion, Sergio Libman, will be Wednesday, Dec. 27th, 4 p.m., in Boulder.  Click Here for directions.

Entry form for the NPC Northern CO Championships is online.  Click Here-

It is with great sadness that I write this news:  Overall Champion of several NPC shows in CO and cancer surviver, Sergio Libman of Boulder, was shot and killed last night.  Two men who wanted to buy his car shot Sergio and stole the car.  Sergio will be missed by all in the bodybuilding community.  Last year's overall pic-

Click Here for RESULTS from the CYTO CHARGE Rocky Mtn. BB/ Carol Semple Fit/Fig Championships!
Congratulations to all of the winners and all of the competitors. 

Click Here for
over 1,400 photos shot by N.P.C. Photographer Isaac Hinds.

Click Here for tickets to the CYTO CHARGE Rocky Mtn. BB/ Carol Semple Fit/Fig Championships!

CONGRATULATIONS to Colorado IFBB Figure PROS who competed in the Nov. 4th Sacramento Pro Figure: Lianne Seiwald, (13th place), and NEW PRO Heather Mae French, (9th place)!

Click Here to see the results from the Natural CO Open posted on!

Click Here for results from the 2006 NPC Axis Labs Natural CO Open BB, Fit/Fig. Championships.  Congratulations to all who competed!!

Click Here for the NPC Rocky Mtn. BB/Carol Semple Fit/Fig POSTER!  Please download and post at work/gym/club/rec center.  Let's get the word out!

The Columbine Courier Newspaper has a story on the 20 competitors from CLUB USA who are competing in the Nov. 4th NPC Natural CO Open!  Click Here to read the story.

Competitor in the upcoming NPC Natural CO Open, J.C. Hale, is in the news!  Click Here to read the article about how he overcame a brain injury and is helping disabled clients with weight training.

Click Here for complete results from last weekend's NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta!  For the recap article by Isaac Hinds, go to the page by Clicking Here- Here is another article on the show on written by Jacqui Skibba-Click Here.

Tickets for Saturday''s NPC Carla Sanchez FITNESS FIESTA are offline and only available at the door.  Plenty available.  See you Oct. 21st!

CLICK HERE to order tickets for the NPC Natural Colorado Open Nov. 4th ONLINE!

10.4. 06
CONGRATULATIONS to Christine Pomponio-Pate!  She placed 4th in the FIGURE OLYMPIA last weekend!   Jay Cutler is the new Mr.OLYMPIA!  Click Here for complete results.

Click Here to order your tickets to the Oct. 21st Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta!

Click Here for the NPC ROCKY MOUNTAIN BB/Carol Semple Fitness & Figure Championships ENTRY FORM.

Congratulations to all of the NPC competitors who participated in the NORTH AMERICAN Championships last weekend in Cleveland, OH.  CONGRATS to trophy winners:  Frank Castillega(3rd LtHvy.), Michele Dennis(5th Open Fig.+3rd Masters), Anna Laratta(5th MastersFig.), Renee Paul(4th Masters Fig.).  Congrats also to Brigette Rhea(6th Masters Fig.), Melissa Ling, Melissa Thalhammer and Laura Richards!!  Click Here for complete results and pics-

Learn the top tips for flawless stage presentation for competitors at the Performance Ready Fitness & Figure Competitor Posing Seminar, Saturday, August 26, 2006 2-4 pm.  Jr.Fitness Seminar 11am-1pm.  Go to for more.

Click Here for the NPC NATURAL COLORADO OPEN entry.  This year's overall winners receive custom embroidered NPC Wear!

Click Here for the CARLA SANCHEZ Fitness Fiesta entry.  Make plans to be in top shape for fitness, figure and model search for Oct. 21st!

Congratulations to Heather Policky, the 2006 USA Women's Bodybuilding Champion and new IFBB Pro!  Congrats also to the other 20 competitors from our area who participated this past weekend: Michele Dennis, Marina Lopez, Rachel Gallegos, Anna Laratta(4th place!), Laura Richards, Tana Swink(2nd Place!), Kim Farnell(4th place!), Kristine Reinking, Stacey Barta, Melissa Thalhammer(2nd place!), Tanisha Harrison, Jenny Lewis, Jennifer Schumm, Chris Kramer, Tamee Marie, William Owens(4th Place!), Rick Sosias, Dylan Armbrust, Aaron Rhea and Andy Haman!

ATTENTION:  Fitness and Figure competitors--Start your diet now for the October 21st Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta!  This year, Teikyo Loretto Heights University Theater will be the venue.

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants in the NPC CYTOCHARGE CO State Championships!  Winners of the STATE CHAMPION RINGS:  Britni Rhinehart, Tammy Royal, Tana Swink and Steve Collins--
CLICK HERE for complete results.

Host Hotel announced for the July 8th CO State Championships:  Holiday Inn/Lakewood.  It is minutes from Teikyo Loretto Heights University Theater.
CLICK HERE for hotel info.  Ask for the CO State Bodybuilding Rate of $72/night.

Tickets on sale ONLINE for the NPC CYTOCHARGE CO State show July 8th.  CLICK HERE to purchase.

Congratulations to all 11 Colorado NPC Athletes that competed in the Jr.Nationals in Chicago last weekend!  And, CONGRATULATIONS to new IFBB FIGURE PRO, Heather French, (formerly Heather Newton)!!  Heather earned her pro card by winning the 5'2" and under class at NPC Jr.Nationals.  Go to for complete results and pics.

ATTENTION:  Fitness & Figure competitors, or those just thinking about competing-- Carla Sanchez presents the Performance Ready Fitness & Figure Competitor Training Camp, June 24-25 at the Point Ath.Club. Go to for more-

Results from the June 10th NPC Mile High Natural Championships are up!  Congratulations to all who participated.  The show was awesome!  Click Here for results-

Congratulations to Colorado's Christine Pomponio who won the IFBB California Pro Figure Championships!  Click here for complete results-

Click Here for results of the NPC part of The Shawn Ray CO Pro/Am show!

For the Pro Results, Click Here for the Men's BB, Click Here for the Figure.

For pics of the Pros, Click Here for the Men's BB, Click Here for the Figure.

CYTO CHARGE signs on as Title Sponsor for the July 8 CO State Show!  Click Here to  learn more about Cyto Charge---
CO State Entry is online now.  Click here-

NEWS FLASH:  Troy Alves will be competing next week at the Shawn Ray CO Pro! NM Pro, Jojo Ntifero has also just been added to the lineup.  Pick up your tickets at any CO King Soopers or City Market or CLICK HERE to order online.

CLICK HERE for results and pics from last weekend's NPC Southern CO/Armed Forces show. 

This Sat. is the NPC Steel City show in Pueblo. See Guest Poser Rick Sosias, NPC CO Champ and top national level competitor! Click here for directions to venue. 
Get your tickets at the door.

Congratulations to all who competed at the NPC Southern CO/Armed Forces show this past Sat.!  Scores and pics up soon.

NEWS FLASH:  Gary Strydom is BACK. He is preparing his comeback at the May 13 Shawn Ray Pro show!!   It was announced to FLEX magazine and is what everyone at
GOLD'S Gym Venice Beach, CA  is talking about.  People say he looks 'incredible!'
See his competition history: CLICK HERE.

Melvin Anthony will be guest posing at the Fri. night Prejudging, May 12th--The SHAWN RAY COLORADO PRO/AM Show!

Mile High Natural BB and Figure entry & info is online.  CLICK HERE !

Congratulations to all who participated in the April 8th NPC Northern CO Championships.  Great turnout!  CLICK HERE for results and pics!

Competitors for the NPC Northern CO show this weekend:  Click Here for directions to the FRIDAY NIGHT, April 7th,  ATHLETE CHECK-IN at the Host Hotel.

NOTE: Click Here for the NPC entry form for the SHAWN RAY Colorado Pro/Am Show.
It's only 7 weeks away, so it's time to get that into the mail!

Tune in to Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Monday March 20, 2006. Denver's IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Phill Heath will be the featured guest to a worldwide broadcast.

Judging clinic open to trainers, athletes and fans APRIL 1st at Braun's/Peaberry Coffee next to the Pepsi Center, downtown Denver, 3:30  p.m.  Ken Taylor, IFBB and NPC National judge will be leading the clinic.  RSVP to

Click Here for the 2006 NPC Rocky Mountain Newsletter with all of the updates!

Date announced for the NPC MidUSA/NM State Championships:  JULY 1st!

Date locked in for the '06 NPC Colorado State:  JULY 8th!

Marcus Ruhl and Branch Warren are some of the latest PROS to commit to competing in the Shawn Ray CO Pro/Am Classic May 12, 13.  Click here to get the latest!

Southern CO and Armed Forces Natural Championships to be held in new location in CO Springs.  This year it is being co-promoted by top NPC Competitor and NPC Military Athlete Representative, William Owens.  Lots of new classes.  Check out the entry: Click Here!

Jay Cutler will be at the NPC Northern CO Championships at the Boulder Theater again this year!  Click here for the entry form--

Watch GOOD MORNING AMERICA, Wed., Jan. 25, to see local Police, Fire and Sheriff participants in the SCALES OF JUSTICE Fitness Challenge.  Note: the April 8th NPC Northern CO has a new Police, Fire and Sheriff division this year!  Thanks goes out to NPC competitor and Denver Police officer, Joe Bini, for getting this publicity!

Happy New Year! 
Need the tools to take your physique to the next level? Check out  the EAS Body-for-LIFE Expo this FRIDAY AND SATURDAY at the Westin Tabor Center, Mezzanine Level. Learn the latest on sports nutrition, supplementation and training from pro strength coaches, registered nutritionists, EAS experts and pro athletes, plus stop by the on-site EAS Store to get discounted prices on some of their products.  Besides the expert presentations, cooking and workout demos & product sampling, get a gift bag worth more than $100. Tickets are available by calling 1-800-297-9776 or at the door. Shawn Ray, Phil Heath and Jeff Taylor  will be at the  NPC/Colorado Pro Show booth. See you there!

Tickets go on sale for the SHAWN RAY COLORADO PRO / AM CLASSIC!  Go to  for details about tickets, free Expo where a Hummer H3 will be given away to a fan and more!

Colorado's own Phil Heath will step on a pro stage for his first show in Denver, May 12 and 13, 2006.  4X Masters Olympia Champ, Vince Taylor, says, "I'm outta retirement, baby," and plans on competing at the SHAWN RAY PRO/AM CLASSIC also!  He will join Darrem Charles, Kris Dimm and others.  Go to for more.

Rocky 2005 results posted!

Rocky photos are online and available for purchase. Click here to see the over 1800 photos from the event.

Rocky winner pics to be posted on, the Ironman Magazine contest site!   Click Here to go to the site for CO Chairman Jeff Taylor audio interviews

NEWS FLASH:  NPC Nationals Fitness Champ, Heidi Fletcher, will be a surprise guest performer at the Dec. 3rd NPC Rocky next weekend!   So, you will see the newest IFBB Pros and NPC Nationals Champio
ns from last weekend onstage in AMAZING shape next weekend!

Check out the updated 2006 Event Calendar by Clicking Here

Complete results from the 10.29.06 NPC Natural CO Open BB,Fitness,Figure Championship- Click Here
For Photos of the show, Click Here.

Shawn Ray and Jeff Taylor will be co-promoting a new show in CO May 12 & 13---SHAWN RAY'S COLORADO PRO/AM CLASSIC!  This is an IFBB Pro Men's Bodybuilding and Women's Figure and NPC National Qualifier event presented by VYO TECH.  It will be officially announced at the Olympia next week, but you heard it here first.  CLICK HERE to see the very first promo piece anywhere on the internet!

Congrats to Christine Pomponio-Pate-
she won the IFBB Tournament of Champions  Pro Figure Show last weekend in CA!  Lianne Siewald took 9th.  Good job CO!

announced as co-sponsor of the upcoming 'ROCKY'! 

Phil Heath
guest posing at the Oct. 29th show and Timea Majorova guest posing at the Dec. 3rd ROCKY!   Click here for entry and info for The 'ROCKY.'

to all of the CO athletes who competed in the NORTH AMERICAN Championships.  Good job!  Brooke Paulin & Michele Dennis took 2nd's, Rene Paul & Melissa Thalhammer 3rd places --see all results by Clicking Here.

Phil Heath
gets a writeup in the Tues., Aug. 30th Rocky Mountain News.  Read about it by Clicking Here.

Best of luck to the CO athletes traveling to Cleveland to compete in the North American Championships!

NATURAL COLORADO OPEN date confirmed: 
OCT. 29th at Englewood High Auditorium.   Click here for entry information.


Complete results from the Aug. 5,6 Team Universe & Fitness Championships Click Here   (Click Here for FigureChampionships results.) Congrats to Ruth Hiatt-3rd,  Fred Carino-4th, Sherrie Boness-6th, Brooke Paulin-3rd,  Tanisha Harrison-6th, our new IFBB Pros Brigette Murray and Jesse Booth and allof the Rocky Mtn. NPC athletes who competed-11 total!

to new IFBB Pros from CO who received their pro cards at the Team Universe Championships in NY,NY last Saturday: Jessica Booth-fitness and figure and Bridgette Murray-fitness! 

Complete USA results--Click Here
Congrats to Margaret Taylor-7th, Heather Policky-1st, Brooke Paulin-3rd, Melissa Thalhammer-3rd, Jessica Booth-5th,  Phil Heath-overall + IFBB Pro, Rick Sosias-4th, and all of the Rocky Mtn. NPC athletes who competed!

Congratulations to Carla Sanchez and her Performance Ready, (PR), Team. 
Carla, Christine Pomponio and the team were on the WB2 Morning Show Wed., Aug. 3rd with 4 live spots!

Congrats to all the USA competitors. Colorado had 20 competitors in the show and made for a strong presence in Las Vegas.

Good luck to all who are competing this weekend at Team Universe in New York.

Click Here
for results and pics from the  2005 NPC Southern CO/Armed Forces Championships.  Congrats to all who competed and to the winners of the swords!

MidUSA/NM State Championships info and entry form online.  Click here.

Click Here
for results and pics from the 2005 NPC CO State Championships. Congrats to all who competed and to the new winners of the RINGS: Jennifer Schumm, Angel Staton, Debra D'Andrea and Jerry Murray! 

For event Photos, email Brian Williams: 
and for Video/DVD email TEVA PRODUCTIONS:


For tickets to the Event of The Summer-The CO State Championships, click here to order through TicketMaster. For the $59 close up VIP seating, call 303.282.9999 to order. 


CHECK-IN is FRIDAYat the Holiday INN downtown for the Colorado State.

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the NPC JR NATIONALS in Chicago. Two of the 4 overall titles went to Colorado athletes. Phillip Heath in Men's Bodybuilding and Bridgette Murray in Fitness. Great Job! For full results and photos visit

If you are competing in next week Jr. Nationals next week and would like to be included on a preview for email Isaac at

  Remember if you are a CO resident and are entering the June 25th NPC CO State Championships, LATE FEES GO UP $40 for entries postmarked after June 11.

NPC Mile High Sat.,June 4--looking like a 3 yr. record for number of competitors.  Call 303.282.9999 to order your tickets with visa/mastercard.  Don't miss out! 

New equipment posting: Schwinn Spinner Elite exercise bike for $650!  Click here for more-

IFBB Guest Poser announced for the Aug. 13th MidUSA: Darrem Charles!

Results for the Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta: Click Here

NPC NEWS will be covering the CARLA SANCHEZ FITNESS FIESTA Sat., May 21st with an article, photos and candids!  There is still time to enter.  Click here for info.

Congratulations to Bridgette Murray who won the tall class in Fitness at the NPC Emerald Cup!  Congrats also to Bridgette Rhea who took 4th in the Figure!  Click here for more-

5.3.05 .
New IFBB bodybuilding judging advisory about symmetry and natural aesthetics vs. muscularity.  Click here for more.

The MidUSA date has been announced:  August 13, 2005 at the Hiland Theater, Albuquerque, NM!  Click here for the calendar

Check out the NEW Equipment Page on!  This is your new USED EQUIPMENT RESOURCE.  Maybe a used Stairmaster for $800 would be perfect for your home--- CLICK HERE

LATE FEES for ENTRIES have gone up
Please register EARLY to avoid the late fees.  Here is the newest entry postedNPC SOUTHERN CO NATURAL/ARMED FORCES show.


Entry form for The Mile High Natural Bodybuilding/Figure Championships & State High School Championships now available for downloa. The Colorado State form is also available!

Thanks to everyone who participated and attended the Northern this weekend. It was a HUGE success and another sellout crowd. Jay Cutler entertained the fans once again and we love having him visit Colorado.

Click here for Directions to the venue held April 2nd. THE EVENING SHOW IS SOLD OUT!!! PREJUDGING STILL AVAILABLE!

Download the Northern 05 poster

Want more of the latest news on what's happening around the industry? Check out the LIFT LINE. As reported by Lift Studios, you don't have to be an IFBB PRO to get sponsorships in the industry as a figure/fitness competitor.

Get your tickets today for the April 2, 2005 - The Northern Colorado Bodybuilding, Fitness/Figure Championships, Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO. The evening show will sell out and the prejudging had record attendance last year. Call Boulder Theater, 303-786-7030.

COMPETITORS - CHECK IN IS APRIL 1st - FRIDAY NIGHT. NO APRIL FOOLS! NO checkin will take place on April 2nd!!!

Always a favorite, Jay Cutler, will be guest posing. Jay is a class act and this is your chance to meet one of the best IFBB Pro Bodybuilders.

Congratulations to Colorado's IFBB Figure Pro, Christine Pomponio-Pate, for her 4th place finish at the Arnold Classic followed up by her 3rd place finish at the San Francisco Pro. Christine is now qualified for the Ms. Figure Olympia.

Denver's WESTWORD recently featured Christine Pomponio-Pate on its cover and featured a number of local experts on their bodybuilding article. You can read the article here.

Entries online for the Mountain States Peak Performance Championships March 12th --- click here
and the Northern CO Championships April 2nd --click here. Hundreds of new photos posted in the gallery section. Congratulations to Christine Pomponio-Pate on making the cover of Muscle Mag International.


Congratulations to Carla Sanchez and Christine Pomponio-Pate for being invited to the Arnold Classic held in Columbus, Ohio on March 3-6, 2005! 

Pick up a copy of the newest Oxygen Magazine to see the story on the Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta.

Past News can be found here!

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